— About Me

Hey there!
I'm Lorraine Cauchi

A dedicated home chef known for my friendly, patient, and helpful nature. The kitchen is my happy place and precision is my secret ingredient.

Cooking has been a central part of my life since I was quite young. At 15 years old, I kicked off my culinary journey in my mother’s kitchen, taking charge of our Sunday feasts while learning the basics from her. When I married my husband, I began to explore the wider culinary world of cookbooks, articles, and delicious experiments.

Lorraine Cauchi

The Beginning of my Cooking Journey

I’ve never attended a culinary school or worked in a professional kitchen. It’s all been a self-taught rollercoaster with plenty of trial and error. But with each mishap, I honed my skills and embraced the thrill of trying something new.

One aspect of cooking which I truly enjoy is the art of decoration, especially when it comes to pies and desserts. Although it can be a tedious and lengthy process, nothing beats the satisfaction I get when seeing the end result. Cooking, for me, is more than a hobby; it’s a deep-rooted passion that will always have a special place in my heart. I cook with love, and for my family to enjoy.

When sharing my recipes, I make it a point to provide as much detail as possible, knowing how valuable it is for you when attempting to recreate these dishes at home. Because it’s not just about me; it’s about building a community of fellow home chefs.

Beyond the kitchen, I have a love for travel, with Italy being a frequent destination. Italian cuisine has my heart, and I’ve brought some of that amore to my recipes. 

Cooking is Exploring!

I honestly believe that no one is born a great cook; it’s a journey of practice, learning from mishaps, and tackling challenges head-on.

I cannot be more grateful to all those who follow my page. Your messages and love for my posts, and knowing I inspire some of you to start experimenting in your own kitchens, fills my heart with joy. Cheers to cooking, sharing, and creating magic in the kitchen together!